what is an elevator type test

Elevator type testing refers to the manufacturing unit to complete the product on the basis of a comprehensive test, shall be borne by the approved type testing work inspection institutions (hereinafter referred to as the type testing institutions) according to the elevator type testing rules (TSG T7007-2016) (hereinafter referred to as the "rules"), whether products conform to the safety technical specifications and technical data review, safety performance test, to verify its safety and reliability of activities.

The rules are formulated in accordance with the law of the People's Republic of China on the safety of special equipment and the regulations on the safety supervision of special equipment

The necessity and importance of elevator type test

According to the relevant provisions in the "special equipment safety law of the People's Republic of China", the type test of elevator is one of the activities that elevator products must go through before entering the Chinese market according to law, and one of the necessary means to ensure the safety of people and property when using the elevator.

Service Overview

With its rich experience, professional capabilities and advanced equipment, the National Elevator Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Guangdong) helps elevator manufacturing units comply with Chinese regulatory requirements and related voluntary product inspection plans. Professional technicians in related fields can help your products meet China's quality, safety, product performance requirements and standards, and provide national certification and accreditation management committee CAL, China Metrology Certification CMA and China National Accreditation Service National Accreditation Council CNAS and other signs. Type test certificate and report.

We can be qualified for the type test of the type test products (except explosion proof) required by China. The product list is as follows:

Category Variety Device base code
Traction and forced drive elevator Traction drive passenger elevator 3110
Traction drive cargo elevator 3120
Forced driving of cargo elevators 3130
Hydraulically driven elevator Hydraulic passenger elevator 3210
Hydraulic cargo elevator 3220
Escalator and moving walkway escalator 3310
Moving walkway 3320
Other types of elevators Explosion-proof elevator 3410
Fireman elevator 3420
Sundries elevator 3430
Elevator safety protection device Speed ​​limiter F310
Safety gear F320
Buffer F330
Door lock device F340
Car upspeed overspeed protection device (brake deceleration device) F350
Safety circuit with electronic components and programmable electronic safety related system F360
Speed ​​limit shut-off valve F370
Car accidental movement protection device F380
Main components of the elevator Rope head combination B310
Control cabinet B320
Floor door B330
Glass car door B340
Glass car wall B350
Hydraulic power station B360
Drive host B370
Carrying panel for steps, pedals, etc. B380
Wheel B390
Step (pedal) chain B3A0
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