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Guangdong Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute [National Elevator Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Guangdong)] (hereinafter referred to as this institution) is now accepting applications for type Tests, commissioned inspections, and internal and external supervision and spot checks, in order to ensure the fairness, openness, and fairness of inspection and testing, we hereby solemnly declare the following:

I. The staff of this organization does not participate in the business activities of the special equipment production and sales of the applicant; it is not allowed to provide paid consulting to the applicant. There is no interest relationship between assets, business, management, etc.

Second, the organization has a fair and just attitude towards all customers, independently carries out inspection and testing work, and is not subject to any administrative pressure in the work. Strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the "Special Equipment Safety Law" and "Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations".

Third, the staff of this organization should do the following:1)Do not accept any securities, gifts and cash donated by the applicant;3) does not require application Unit reimbursement should be paid by the individual;4)does not use the machine to promote the product; 5) Do not use the machine of work to steal or leak the business secrets of the applicant, to ensure that the technical data and related data of the applicant are strictly confidential, and the work is not disclosed to other parties, and the interests of the applicant are maintained.

4. In the work, consciously accept the supervision of the inspection organization and the application unit, and be responsible for the inspection results.

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